Berlin Coffee Festival 2016 - Why you should definitely go there next year!

This festival attracts coffee lovers from all over the world even though it is only the second edition. From experts to beginners different kinds of people are coming together with the same motivation: Coffee!

We enjoyed our time at the festival deeply. Several events, workshops and talks had been scheduled to be explored. We will present four of them with pictures and our own experience. 

Homebrew Kaffeekirsche

Kaffeekirsche a cosy, minimalistic café close to the Kotti in Kreuzberg. We tried their cold brew and we also participated at their homebrew event. From aeropress to Hario V60 and Chemex was everything there to brew. We had the chance to try the following three beans:

  • Colombia, Hacienda la Claudina - Filter
  • Costa Rica, Finca Chispita - Filter
  • Kenya, Rhito Handege - Filter

We had a great time there, some good conversations and just a wonderful start into the weekend. 


NANO Kaffee Cupping

All in all Nano Kaffee offered more than 10 different coffees from three different roasteries in Germany. 

Besides the coffee there was an interesting and diverse crowd of people from all over Europe. The variety of coffee was very impressive. It's so good to see how rapidly the german coffee scene is growing. Small roasteries and cafés like Nano Kaffee are an essential part of the community and are engaging the citizen to meet there and have a good cup of coffee together. 


BRLO | Brewbox

Two things. Coffee and beer - that's it. We should stop writing here, these two very special drinks are enough to have a good time at the festival. Here's why: 

  • Brewbox: Summertime, hot weather cold coffee - Brewbox is somehow trying to do that. They are using the technical equipment from the beer scene to offer preserved cold coffee.
  • BRLO: Maybe one of the most famous Craft Beer companies in Berlin. The Pale Ale and the German Pale are only two of their outstanding beers. At the moment they are building their brewhouse close to the Gleisdreieck Park - the perfect summer location! 

ISLA Coffee BoomBox

We have been there for some cupping and some good music. Marc, our Chief of Music, recognized a couple vinyls after some minutes - the guys from Bikini Waxx Berlin have been there. As we are music enthusiasts we deeply enjoyed our time there.

It was a lovely combination of good coffee and chilled music. We had also a very interesting conversation with the owner of Isla Coffee.

Additionally the baristas from amazing Channel Brewers have been there, too. Fun Fact at the barista challenge the Channel Brewers and Isla Coffee both made it to the finals. In the end the Channel Brewers took the victory home. 


To come to a conclusion, we had a great weekend, we met interesting people and we are already curious to see the next evolution of the Berlin Coffee Festival in 2017. If you missed it this year, we only can recommend to go there next year.It doesn't matter if you are already a coffee expert or a complete beginner. Even if you are not interested in coffee you will find your spot either for something like beer or just for fantastic music. We will see you there next year to continue our coffee discovery. Coffee, Beer, Music and great people are the key components which will always create an outstanding mixture of fun and good conversations.