Be Open Minded

Challenge your cultural and social status quos. Asking questions enhances our ability to empathize with others. With that, we can better understand the world.

Proactive & Friendly Atmosphere

Listen to one another—really listen. Share your experiences so we can learn from each other’s mistakes.

Be Yourself

There is no need 4 flexin´. We want you and not your business cards!

Take Ownership

Together we create the space and make it our home!

Diversity Rules

Respect is key! Open minded = Pigeon Minded. “Only love can conquer hate”.


What's our community up to right now? #happypigeons


Together we shape the future of living & working

Behind every person is a unique story. They have joined our journey not only to share their story, but to continue their own journey. For a while we will be on the same path and collaborate, discuss and, most importantly, have fun.