We believe in the strength of diversity. This is why our mission is to create a community comprised of people from different backgrounds, cultures, skills and experiences.


Coworking Space Community Structure
Workshop in our Coworking Space

Collaboration & local statement

Our coworking community attracts a diverse crowd of local entrepreneurs and freelancers, Berliners and internationals, who share a common goal: improve the lives of others. By being a part of our space, you’re contributing to building a tighter, stronger community in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

Coworking Space: Plans & Pricing




You’re in business. You’ll have full access to our Coworking space from 9am to 6pm. As a regular, you’ll no doubt have your favorite chair, favorite coffee mug, and favorite time to take a nap. You will play a big role in our evolution as a coworking space.

*Unlimited Access Coworking

All activities, classes and events included (see calendar for more info)
Bring one guest for free
All the amenities you can handle

*Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 18:00




A jumpstart to get you, and your business, up-and-rolling. As a frequent coworker, you’ll enjoy having a dedicated place to get work done when you need it.


5 days of coworking / month

All activities, classes and events included (see calendar for more info)
Bring one guest for free
Book additional day-passes (10€)
All the amenities you can handle

Amenities for All

Coworking by day, events and workshops by night (and weekends). Our 80 sqm coworking space is no doubt versatile, and includes all of the amenities you need to feel comfortable and stay productive.

Unlimited Coffee

Local Hotspot for Ideas and Collaboration

Access to Events and Workshops

Access to Local Community

Fostering Social Projects

High-Speed Internet

Event in Coworking Space in Prenzlauer Berg
Talk in Coworking Space in Prenzlauer Berg

DYNAMIC Event-Space

With the ability to rearrange the entire space within minutes, accommodating to any occasion couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s organizing for a large presentation or small meeting, testing a new product or pitching to an investor. It’s your space. Anything is possible.


Our industrial design is a blank canvas of concrete, ready to be worked and reworked by the minds of our community. The evolution of the interior will reflect the character, ideas and (certainly after a few drinks) the dexterity of our members.

Explore the Coworking Space

Location of the Coworking Nest


Beyond Coworking: Events, Workshops and Get-Togethers

We work hard, play hard, and get together to exchange and learn. Whether this takes the form of an organized workshop, or an impromptu beer and chat, we encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Cooking Event in Coworking Prenzlauer Berg


From Mexican taco Thursday to Artificial Intelligence Tuesday, our members are encouraged to take the reins and create fun and interesting events for the community. Whether it’s a passion you’ve always wanted to share, or a topic that you find relevant, we will accommodate to whatever your mind thinks up. Just do it!

Workshop in Coworking Prenzlauer Berg

Workshops & Projects

How does one go about creating change? By taking the first step. The most logical (and literal) first step you can take is outside of the Happy Pigeons coworking and into the neighborhood. Prenzlauer Berg is one of Berlin’s most diverse neighborhoods, making it an ideal tes ground for ideas, projects, and of course, feedback. If you can make it here, you might be on to something!