+ Is registration (Anmeldung) possible?

Yes it is!

+ Are pets allowed?

We love pets (especially dogs) but unfortunately we have a no-pet policy because of possible allergies of other members.

+ How big are the rooms?

Most of our rooms are around 20 sqm.

+ Is there a washing (cloth) service?

No. Every Apartment has a washing machine though, so you are all set.

+ Is there a minimum length of stay/ rental period?

Yes, our minimum rental period is 3 months. BUT you can stay as long as you want!

+ How many people are sharing bathrooms and kitchens?

Usually, 2-3 people are sharing showers and kitchens. However, we have one coliving apartment where 4 people are sharing shower and kitchen.

+ What is the price of the rooms? 550 or 620€?

That depends on the size of the room. Most of our rooms are quite spacious and cost 620€. We have a couple of smaller rooms though (around 15-20sqm) which cost 550€ or 580€.

+ Are the kitchens fully equipped (pans, dishes etc.)?

Yes! And if you realize that something is missing, just let us know!

+ How does the waitlist work? Can you put me on the waitlist, if there is no free room available?

As soon as you send us your application, you are automatically on our „waitlist“! However, our waitlist is not a „first come, first serve“ list. If there is a free room we will go through all applications and invite you to continue the application process, so that we make sure that we find the right person for our community.

+ How does the application process work?

It starts with your online application. In case we have a free room, we will invite you for a Skype call or face to face meeting (in case you are in Berlin already) with one of our Happy Pigeons Team member. After our pre-selection, you will be invited to talk to one of our Coliving members. In the end, we take the decision together.

+ Can I visit the coliving before moving in?

Our coliving apartments are the home of our members. Therefore we only do visits if we have a free room to respect our colivers privacy.

+ Is access to the coworking included if I rent a room in the coliving?


+ Is the coworking located in the same building of the coliving space?

Yes the coworking is located in our Prenzlauer Berg location. We do not have a coworking in Charlottenburg yet, but we are working on that!