Music in Berlin - A guide to explore Germany's capital

Seek and you shall find.

Berlin calling. The name of Paul Kalkbrenner’s famous movie symbolizes the thoughts of many musicians and DJ’s in the world. Through the fall of the Wall, Berlin not only became open as one again, it started to open new hemispheres for underground cultures that had a major influence of creating the city we now know and love. 

Techno. One word that many people associate with Berlin. For sure, it is the most well-known scene in the urban area. A major reason for the rise of the techno culture is, as already mentioned, the unique and incomparable history of Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin-Wall, several houses and industrial areas in the East of the city were empty and raw. Many properties had no landlord; the city was an organizational chaos. In combination with the incredible feeling of freedom, matchless techno raves began to emerge.

The most famous club that started at that time was the techno club Tresor. There, you would feel the spirit of the music in its rawest moment. Pumpin’ bass, dark atmosphere, sweat dropping from the ceiling, and people living their lives. This was the beginning of the scene which would attract thousands of people into the city every year and spread fame to clubs like Berghain and Watergate throughout the world. Nevertheless, there are still dozens of smaller events and open-airs, that hang on to the underground culture and meet up legal or illegal to dance and party to the music they love. Liebe zum Detail, Krach, Giegling or Zosse Records are just four examples of small Berlin based Record Labels, who organize events once in a while. 

Besides techno, Berlin has many other music scenes which add to the incredible variety of the city. Next to Funk & Soul, where Fluid Soul Radio smashes great parties at the Paloma Bar in Kreuzberg - once in a while with a Brazil edition which will make your hips move..., or Jazz sessions at Café Edelweiss every Tuesday in the same district, the Hip Hop scene (lyrical and instrumental wise) portrays a growing culture with many cool events throughout the city.

The time where producers lack recognition is not fully over yet, but more and more the beats behind the rhymes get their big stage. In Berlin, many of Germany´s best producers have their “Lab” where they “cook” their beats. To listen to beats, samples, and plenty other party smashing hits, a good address is the “Monarch” at Kottbusser Tor.

Twice a month the Beatgeeks (Suff Daddy, Hazeem, LeBob) spin their Records at the place with the Motto “Watch Beats, Not TV”. Another recommendable address is the café/ Bar “Panke Culture” in Wedding. A lot of great Hip Hop, as well as other music events such as the Wedding Soul Party, get hosted in this beautiful location. The urban setting in the backyards of an ancient Courthouse in combination with the incomparable sound of the speakers, make the experience very authentic.

Still, the well-known saying “Everybody has their own taste” comes especially with music. So what if you don’t like one of those music directions? Not a problem at all, Berlin has everything. You’ll just have to look for it.

Here is a small list for events and locations:

For techno:

Good outside areas:


For Hip Hop:

  • Backyardjoints @ Panke Berlin ( every first Saturday of the month, Beats and good old Hip Hop)( 
  • Beatgeeks @ Monarch (
  • Swag Jam @ Badehaus in the RAW area ( cool band, solid raps, afterwards open mic for everyone/ every Tuesday)
  • East-West Sessions @ Panke Berlin
  • Watch out for concerts at the “Prince Charles”+ “Gretchen” ( great artist like Mick Jenkins were there

For Funk & Soul:

  • Wedding Soul @ Panke Berlin
  • Fluid Soul Radio @ Paloma Bar (
  • Das Zündet @ Humblodthain ( nice funky sounds downstairs, Upstairs often with nice hip hop beatsets by Klaus Layer)

For Jazz:

  • Jam @ Café Edelweis at Görlitzer Park
  • Watch out for concerts and Jams. In Berlin there is a lot of Jazz going on

You need more music or you want to share your own beloved songs?

This is not enough for you? Need some additional hints or you want to listen to more music like this? Just follow our Co-Founders Marc or Tobi on Soundcloud they are constantly searching and exploring new music in Berlin. Stay tuned!