Our Story


It all started IN BERLIN...

As we are from Berlin, we want to bring local knowledge and international experience together in order to create not just something new, but something good. Berlin with it's history of internationalism and multicultural experience is perfectly made for living and working in one space. We want to think this one step further and create a unique journey for our members. For YOU.

The Berlin Wall separated East and West for decades, it took both sides some time after the reunion to realize that the new Berlin is beneficial for mostly everybody. This was a journey with ups and downs, disappointments and moments of happiness, but more important it took time and effort. 

Berlin isn't physically divided anymore, but social segmentation and gentrification is still an increasing problem to deal with. Sometimes you have the feeling there is still a wall, a cultural wall between international people and locals from Berlin. Stereotypes, wrong judgements and own bubbles are increasing this trend even more. We strongly believe a reunion of locals and international people could increase Berlin's most crucial asset, multicultural and creative otherness. Different people, experiences, cultures and skills are making the world worth living. So we want to be part of tearing down that mental and cultural wall. Together we want to create change. 

Connect people, make them live an enlightened life under respectful and community orientated values - that's our vision. At the end of the day it's all about the people and for us it isn't important where they are from or which cultural background they have. But the mindset is! Tearing down walls or barriers takes time, but nevertheless we are ready and motivated to be the change.


Our Team

Co-living - big topic - many thoughts

We had discussions, conversations and creative exchanges. Here we collect some of these thoughts. Stay tuned!

CEO Happy Pigeons Coliving and Coworking Space


"Community first. I realized this during my stay in Grenoble (masters). I lived in a student residency. Many people - no community. This shocking experience inspired me to start my own co-living company"

Co-Founder Happy Pigeons Coliving and Coworking

Tobi Brockmann

"Having the chance to work and to live together with inspiring people can change your life radically. Sharing your skills, experiences and stories will open interesting doors for new ways of your own self-realization."

Co-Founder Happy Pigeons Coliving and Coworking

Marc Drwecki

"The opportunity to form the creative energy into something good and socially valuable drives and motivates me to make the idea co-living come true."