Co-Living is a new term for an already established way of living. Individuals live together and share major expenses and community spaces in order to improve their personal happiness. Co-Living combines working facilities and places to live. Previous and present examples are multigenerational houses or communes. Berlin is quite famous for it's communes during the separation. 

We define Co-Living as something more than a fancy and well-designed space with possibilities to work and live. It is more than the furniture and the location, it is mainly about the people. A community that empowers the members to make their dreams and ideas come true. The Happy Pigeons community is a safe home and a place to share experience and exchange stories. At the end we all want to live a moved life, but the questions is what really moves you.

  • Relationships? 
  • Citizen Participation?
  • Curiosity?

There is a wide range of different answers to this deep question. We want to empower you to follow your passion and motivation in an inspiring environment. This environment is our community. The people around you.



Looks like a relatively easy equation, but in fact bringing these two different stakeholder together can be a hard thing. How is our concept enabling this? We have three important aspects, our three P's:



Life-changing experiences happen often by accident. Maybe you are in a café drinking a coffee and listening to a conversation close to you. It's something about improving the quality of your neighborhood. You have the feeling that you could bring in some of your experiences, but you don't want to interrupt them? 

We offer you a location, where people can connect, create new challenges and come up with new ideas which have an impact on the world sorrounding them

The Coworking Space

Our place to have a good cup of coffee and fruitful conversations. Even more relevant it should be the place where people from the neighborhood community meet, exchange, share and - most important - collaborate. We plan to have working facilities and material that empowers to solve problems. If you need any support: we have a good network spread all over Berlin. If you need someone to coach and guide a team we have a Design Thinking coach in our team, who would love to help out.


Giving something back is a core value in our community. We know, we are all busy and have infinite to-do's to work on, but sharing your skills and expertise can have a bigger impact on your neighborhood and community than you might think. We encourage our members to have a social impact and we are offering the frame for this. People nowadays are often missing a sense of belonging. We foster this feeling with our coworking/ community space where every member of the co-living is an important part. We have the neighborhood experts in our network. At the end you will learn something through these small projects, so be proactive and take responsibility!



Our search for projects is work in progress. We are currently starting to get in contact with important stakeholders, kiez experts and neighbors. We want to offer small and tiny tasks, but also bigger and more challenging projects. Problems are as diverse as people and so are the interests and motivations of people. We are aiming to find a challenge for everyone with the wish to have a social impact, fitting to personal knowledge and skills We are on our learning journey, so if you have a project, challenge or an idea how this should look like, feel free to get in touch with us. We are curious to get you to know!