Coliving Consulting

Are you thinking about start running or developing (building) a coliving space and have tons of questions? Do you want to know how to start, empower or structure an active community? And how to integrate your space in a neighborhood?

When we started our coliving project almost 2 years ago, we faced the same challenges and questions. We leaned by doing with ups and downs and would like to pass along our “wisdom” to other (social responsible) projects.

How to become a partner? 

We are currently (only) looking for partners (developers and /or owners) with a social responsible background and intention. Feel free to ask for support, information or anything that helps us to start a partnership.


Property Owner?

Please introduce yourself (or your company) and your property.

Want to invest?

We can help you find the right property which meets the requirement for a coliving space.


How can a partnership look like?

There are different options of working together. The most common ones are:

  • Management Agreement

  • Lease

  • Consulting

  • Kickstarting projects

However, we are open for other types of partnerships as well. Lets have a coffee (or beer) and discuss!