Real Estate Partners Benefits?

Short Term Benefits

  • Partners will benefit from a reliable income stream without having to worry about most of the property management such as leasing agreements and tenant communications. 
  • We select our members carefully so that the real estate property is benefiting by an improved tenant structure 

Long Term Benefits

  • HappyPigeons will vitalize the whole neighborhood in a meaningful way, which will result in both a social and financial return on investment
  • Partners benefit from social and community related projects through building a safer environment with a higher quality of life

How to become a partner? 

There are only two steps necessary to become a real estate partner. We are doing these steps together if you wish so. Feel free to ask for support, information or anything that helps us to start a partnership.

STEP 1 - Introduce yourself and your property

Property Owner?

Owners or Companies can just apply. Your property can become part of the Happy Pigeons network. 

Want to invest?

We are constantly monitoring spaces and property opportunities that are matching our requirements. Through personal appointment we can discuss multiple options and acquisitions. 

STEP 2 -  How does the partnership model should look like?


Currently we are developing different partnership models. We have a variety of models in work like  property management agreement or (master) lease. 

Feel free to contact us already, we will find an individual solution that matches your needs.