Co-living community expertise and project management: knowledge can change the world!

What and whom are we looking for? 

With projects we all associate a lot bureaucratic effort. Project management, documentation and coordination. We are trying to reduce that bureaucratic pain to empower the participants to really have a change. In order to achieve that we are working together with experts out of different fields eg. from the non-profit area, the methodology background (like Design Thinking) and the locals, because they are indeed the city experts. 

How does a project could look like?

Can we answer that questions precisely? Nope, not really. But still, we are looking for problems, challenges and opportunities that can improve the quality of life of a neighborhood in Berlin. It could be the need for more social interaction of the different stakeholders of the “kiez” or the need for sharing different hard skills or, or or. If you have an idea for a project or see a big problem in your neighborhood - please contact us or visit our coworking to have quick chat with us.

Do you work in company or an organization that is interested in starting a project or is looking for team members or even looking for a space to work in or to have meetings? Feel also free to contact uns immediately, we are super curious to get to know you and your projects! 

Why we should start our collaboration journey today!


We worked with several companies and in different projects and have, for instance, Design Thinking expertise. And if we don't have the knowledge we will surely find someone in our network.


We are well connected here in Berlin. From academic questions, to Berlin-related questions or specific non-profit questions we will find the right person to approach. 


Our creative hub for co-working and sharing skills is the space for our community. There you can meet new people - from locals to internationals.