Benefits of becoming a partner

Collaboration before competition and sharing before consumption these are only two of our core principles. We want to share our idea with other communities and institutions. We are looking forward to get you to know and to start a creative exchange. 


Space & Creative HUB

Ideas need space to grow and to get developed. Our network of people is the nutritious soil for making the ideas tangible and ready to implement. Most important this space will be open for everyone, so come and visit our café.


Events & Projects

We support the individual journey of our community members. We will host workshops to learn hard or soft skills and we will have events to urgent and interesting topics. Furthermore we will run community and kiez related projects. 


Spots for your Members

We enable our members to concentrate on the important things in life. They can follow their passions, share their vision and have a real impact in a collaborative environment. Together we create ideas for a meaningful life.

Take the chance to offer your members a special journey full of insights, fun and interesting ideas. Let them skip the on-boarding and bureaucratic pain in a new city, instead enable them to live a moved life.


We, You & your community- we all benefit and together we create!  

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